This whole blog is just a rambling area for me to mutter and grumble about writing.

The name, “Donovan Weiss”, is from an old, abandoned story of mine, and is the name of the lead character from it; a character who also happens to be the first to have ever rambled through around eighty thousand words of my writing.  Alas poor Donovan, he had the ill fortune to ramble through a forest of ill-conceived ideas within a story whose style and substance shifted with whatever I happened to be reading at the time — and as that ran from serious fiction through to Gemmell, Tad Williams, Terry Pratchett and, at the far end of sanity, Robert Rankin, by the time it was done, it was a bit of a disjointed mess.

That kind of experience can really make you respect Rankin’s idea not to read what other people write; if he absorbs the way I did, then it’s a good thing he didn’t, or else where would free-form madness in fiction be?  Anyway, since then, I’ve written more, learned more, and produced better work, all of which has met with equally unstellar success, but none of that has dampened my enthusiasm for it.  I’m continuing on!


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