I recently received another rejection — three, now, for the same story — but this time, instead of a form rejection email or letter I actually got feedback from the magazine, which was a wonderful thing!  Not only did I agree with the criticism — and just as importantly, I think, the criticism is something I can remedy with only a little work and rethinking — but it also included some praise for elements of the story I tried hard to get right, and it was clear from the feedback that the responder read through the entire story.  That was a particularly pleasant thought, as until this point I had visions of people looking at the first page or two and dismissing the whole story out of hand before getting any further in.

It’s one of two rejections I’ve received from magazines or publishers with comments; once for the forgotten novel whose lead character’s name adorns this blog, and once for this short story.  And on both occasions, the comments have been encouraging.  So although it’s a rejection, it’s really put me in a good mood this morning.