If you happen to be like me (i.e., lazy) then here’s something I finally got around to making for myself.  It’s very simple, provided that you have either a flash-drive you keep plugged in or an external backup hard-drive, either of which has a fixed drive letter.  Oh, and provided that you keep all your writing in a single folder (I do — it’s fine if you have subfolders within that folder, but it all needs to have a single parent folder you can point the batch at).  And also, provided that you’re using Windows.  I’m sure there are equally simple solutions in other operating systems, but I don’t use them.

Anyway – to make it as easy to back up your writing as a double-click, put the following on a single line a text file:

xcopy c:\path\to\your\writing j:\path\to\your\backup /Y /S /E /C /H /K

Some of those optional flags are probably redundant, but they’re everything I put in place to try and make sure the copy goes smoothly.  To make it work for you, just replace c:\path\to\your\writing with the actual drive location of your main writing folder (you can right click on the folder in Windows, select Properties, and then copy it from the Location value that is displayed if you’re not sure what it is) and then replace the j:\path\to\your\backup with the corresponding backup folder location.

Save the text file as WritingBackup.bat (note — it must be saved as a .bat file and not a .txt file, or it will simply open up in a text editor instead of running), and then put it somewhere convenient on your desktop.  Then, whenever you want to back up your writing, just double click it, and your system will run the backup for you.

Nice and easy!