Since the end of NaNoWriMo — an experience shared with a few others this year — and shortly after that the completion of the novel’s first draft (hurrah!), I’ve turned my attention quite heavily to short fiction writing for a while.  To date in 2013, I’ve already worked on ten stories; of those, four were new tales that I completed.  Four more were new tales that remain outstanding; the other two are ongoing, but are both rewrites of old stories that I never got round to finishing.

One of my worst habits as a writer is flitting from one story to the next, a tendency that often leaves me with unfinished stories (often including stories I really like, and would like to finish).  Going through my old work and cataloguing it a little has helped immensely on that front, as it’s allowed me to look at some of my older stories and see which ones I have still waiting to be finished.  Some stories I had finished in my mind, but apparently not on paper, while others I was still exploring.

I’ve also seen now that I have a need for a better system of cataloguing than the one I have now.  I’d like to be able to note things about the stories, when they were written, revised, completed, submitted and suchlike in a ready and simple fashion, and I’m not fond of using Word or Excel for such extensive things.  Instead, I think I’m going to build myself some tools, some kind of database thingy to track it all.  Should be simple enough to do, if I can be bothered to find the time.

But that won’t happen this week.  It’s too busy.  But writing continues, and that’s more important anyway.

P.S. – though that first draft is indeed complete, it bears little resemblance to what the second draft will be.  I still like the story, but the lead character was in need of some considerable work.  That said, I’m enjoying the process of writing, and learning more about the mistakes I’ve made with every time.