October 2009

Work, work, work!  If I was a multi-gazillionaire by now, I wouldn’t need this hassle and I could concentrate on my writing…oh well.  Maybe when I win the Lottery.  As much as I wish it could be the other way round, the job pays the bills, keeps our home, gives us food and keeps the heating on, so it has to come first.  It’s just frustrating on days when you feel like the writing would really flow.



Where to go?  I know some of the writing, some of the things I need to fix and add in, some comments that need to be made, some thoughts that need a mention from the characters.  But I don’t have a damn clue where they’re going to end up.  Is there an organized rebellion?  Just a loose group of individuals?  Is there a whole country at war, or one that’s suppressed and fighting back only through resistance-type actions?  Are none of these the case at all, and there is no rebellion, resistance or war to find?  And most of all, why is the central character so important to so many people?  I know roughly…but again, I don’t know the specifics or the details.  I only have fleeting touches of the final idea I’m trying to find.

Typical that the story should hit its first major block as NaNo is closing in.  Ho hum…

I may find the answer by writing.  The last time I didn’t know what would happen next, my characters set to walking to find the nearest town.  I kept wondering what they’d find; and what they found was nothing like I’d been expecting or imagining.  That time, they were fleeing to the east; so this time, walking westward, perhaps they’ll find the next part of the story for me.

NaNoRebelApparently, this is what I am this year.  Interesting, but not a lot so; I’m mainly interested in trying to get my novel moved forward, so as far as it being National Novel Writing Month, I think I fit the bill; it just doesn’t fit the rule of starting a fresh novel from scratch in November, which means I’m being awfully rebellious.  I’d wave a pitchfork if I had one.

I started a new novel from scratch on both of the last two years, succeeding in hitting the 50k mark (which would, allegedly and entirely untruthfully, make me a novelist) in ’07 and failing in ’08, and in both cases, failing to actually finish anything even close to a completed novel.  Experiences since have taught me that starting over from scratch is a bad idea for me if I’m already on a writing roll;   so it’s very much time for a break with the rules.  My real goal for 2009 is a finished novel draft, all the way from prologue to epilogue; I’ll never manage that if I put down this WIP and work on something new for November’s NaNo.

Naturally, as a rebel, if I hit the 50k then I’ll be validating my word-count at the end; but only for words written during NaNo.  Validating everything would defeat the purpose of joining in at all.  And while I may not “win” legitimately, I’ll be aiming to win within the bounds of my own goal.